Our Story

TOFS was born from a community of people trying to live a healthier life through the food they produced and ate - but over time, our vision grew. We wanted to create a space where everyone could have access to healthy, high quality, organic food, and where they could learn why the food they eat is so important. 

To bring this vision to life, we started out by crafting exceptional, locally produced bread and cuts of meat. The team at TOFS have harnessed age old processes to bring these delicious, nourishing foods straight from our farm into our local community. 


As we continues in this journey, we learned that lots of people are searching for tasty, high quality food that will also make a positive difference to their healthy lifestyle. 

Not only that, but most of our customers want to be able to pop into a local store to get their hands on this kind of organic, artisan food. 

So at TOFS, we've created a place that not only supplies our community with quality organic food, but also raises awareness of how food is produced, sourced and created. 

Where does our meat come from? 

The history of Pikiroa Organic Farm dates back over 90 years when Russell’s family bought the farm.

Russell is the fourth generation of the Bayley family to manage and take care of the land situated 40 min south of Hamilton.


After Russell’s bad experiences with chemicals, farming conventionally, it was decided in 1998 the farm was to be converted to an organic dry stock farm with BioGro certification. Many lessons were learned developing and adopting organic practises, such things as soil health, animal well being & pest and diseases management.


In 2006 Russell made the decision to convert to a dairy farm and in August that year the first lot of our organic milk was collected by Fonterra.

22 years later, their life long dream of producing and supplying their certified organic products directly to the consumer has been achieved through our partnership with TOFS and they are the proud suppliers of beef and lamb to you.

Pikiroa Organic farm has been certified organic for 22 years. All of their beef and lamb are 100% grass fed, antibiotic free, hormone free, pesticide free and chemical free.